Student Groups

From lectures to concerts, conferences to sports competitions, Goethe University student groups fill the campus with numerous activities and reflect the student community’s diverse interests. Participating in student groups is a great way to engage with the GU community and get to know both German and international students.

It’s easy to get involved. At the beginning of each semester, university organizes the student fair and party "UniStart" (information in German only - this restriction also applies to all of the following links, with the exception of Chaincourt Theatre), an excellent opportunity for new students to orient themselves, meet fellow students, and find out about student groups. Here are just a few examples of campus activities and groups:

Students are invited to join Collegium musicum instrumentale, the university orchestra, and Collegium musicum vocale, the university choir. More information about these opportunities is available in German.
The Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt, which collaborates with Goethe University, organises some 300 concerts every year; they publish a calender of events online, and students of musicology can attend these concerts for free.
In addition there are German-language theatre goups and the English-language Chaincourt Theatre.

Diskus is the magazine by and for Frankfurt students, /

Students can take advantage of numerous opportunities to play sports individually or in teams at the university or throughout Frankfurt.

And more …
At Goethe University there are numerous students’ initiatives and organisations, many of which cater specifically to international students.

  • WellComeProjekt: Feeling alone in Frankfurt? Get to know other students through this mentoring project. The coordinators find German mentors for incoming international students, especially at the beginning of the semester. Coordination office: Room 262 at the Studierendenhaus, Mertonstrasse 26, Phone: 069 7982 5066/7,,
  • International students are invited to go to the Internationaler Studententreff (IST) each week to ask questions about studying or living in Frankfurt.  There is also a "tandem" language programme" where students are paired to exchange language lessons.
  • Some 50 student volunteers are actively involved in the Frankfurt chapter of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth leadership development organization. AIESEC offers a comprehensive offering comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships, and participation in a global learning environment.
  • The SSIX Buddy Program is a students’ association in the economics department that supports and looks after exchange students in Frankfurt.
  • The Research Training Groups and GRADE offer many activities for international doctoral candidates.
  • The Catholic and Protestant student communities also organize many interesting events and leisure activities, some of them explicitly for international students.
  • AStA short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, i.e., the student representative committee, is also always a good point of contact for anything from activities to finding an apartment or rideshares.





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