Incoming/ Academic Calendar

Winter Semester 2011/12
Start of semester: 1st October 2011
Start of lectures: 17th October 2011
End of lectures: 10th February 2012
End of semester: 31st March 2012

Summer Semester 2012
Start of semester: 1st April 2012
Start of lectures: 10th April 2012
End of lectures:13th July 2012
End of semester: 30th September 2012

Winter Semester 2012/2013
Start of semester: 1st October 2012
Start of lectures: 15th October 2012
End of lectures: 15th February 2013
End of semester: 31st March 2013



To be accepted as an exchange student in the Faculty of Social Sciences, you must arrive in Frankfurt as part of an exchange programme between the Faculty and your home university. In addition you must also be nominated as an exchange student by your home university.

Once you have been nominated, please apply via the International Office at the Goethe University. You have to fill out and submit an admissions application (Zulassungsantrag). If you are coming to Frankfurt from a European university as part of the ERASMUS Programme, you must also complete an online form. (in addition to the admissions form.)

Application Deadlines
For Summer Semester: From 1st November and by 15th December at the latest
Start of studies: Beginning of April
For Winter Semester: From 1st May and by 15th June at the latest
Start of studies: Mid October

Please send your application documents and application for a room in a hall of residence (if a place in a hall of residence has been agreed) to the International Office within the given timeframe.

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt International Office
Postfach 11 19 32 D-60054 Frankfurt/M

You can find additional information on the website of the International Office



The Faculty of Social Sciences strives to be a place where B.A. and M.A. students can advance intellectually and take advantage of numerous and varied national and international career opportunities. Within the individual degree programmes the Faculty offers a broad choice of varied courses and seminars.

You can download the academic programme at:

Seminars in WiSe 2009/2010

Seminars in WiSe 2011/2012

Seminar programme Women’s Studies / Gender Studies:


Seminars held in English:

WiSe 2011/2012


Language Requirements

The vast majority of courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences are held in German, with a few in English. The range of courses offered in English is expected to increase in the next few semesters. You can find an overview of the seminars offered in English on the Faculty website and in the current university calendar. In order to take part actively in seminars, a good level of fluency in the teaching language is required. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a good indicator to help estimate your own language skills. In order to participate successfully in courses, you should have a language level of at least A2 according to this framework. Level B1 is recommended to allow you to understand academic texts and follow discussions on the topics.

Language Courses at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt
The University of Frankfurt offers language courses every semester. In March and September and before the semester starts, month-long language and orientation courses (DIA) take place for students with only basic German. These are free for exchange students. In addition, German courses for students at various levels are offered by the University’s International Study Centre (Internationales Studienzentrum). These courses aim to improve grammar and written skills, as well as the ability to discuss and form arguments.

Internationales Studienzentrum Goethe-Universität
Bockenheimer Landstr. 133 D-60325 Frankfurt

Address for visitors:
Sozialzentrum/Mensa, Room 107
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 798-28744


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