The International Postgraduate Center Social Sciences (IPC)

The International Postgraduate Center Social Sciences (IPC) is one of forty-two International PhD Programs (IPPs), pilot projects that received initial funding from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). The IPC offers a structured and closely supervised course of postgraduate study with a strong international orientation and a range of academic and more general supervisory measures in order to improve the quality of dissertations and facilitate the completion of research work within a three-year time frame. The IPC program helps prepare doctoral students for later professional projects in both academic as well as non-academic areas. One of the IPC’s further goals is to continuously increase the number of doctoral students from abroad.

Unlike the DFG's theme-centered Research Training Groups, the IPC does not make scholarships available, but rather uses its financial means primarily for intense student supervision and the performance of qualification measures, such as methods, theory, and theme-related workshops. In addition, the IPC's PhD Agreement, which is binding for doctoral candidates and their supervisors, promotes greater commitment in their relationship and creates greater opportunity for reliable consultation during the doctoral phase.

The IPC develops qualification measures in a dialogue with doctoral students and their supervisors, and promotes the self-organization of doctoral students and postdocs. This sets it apart from the more highly structured graduate programs based on Anglo-American models, and contributes to the development of an internationally recognized "Frankfurt Model".

For more information on the IPC's program goals, offers, and application procedure, please use the menu bar to the left.

The IPC is furthermore part of the Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE), whose range of interdisciplinary courses ideally enhances and strengthens the IPC's program.

What the IPC offers:




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