Degree Programms offered

NEWS: The Faculty of Social Sciences introduces an M.A. programme in Sociology with various focuses for the winter semester 2010/11.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Information on applications, exams and modules. Regulation, module overview and form, course list and applications to download

Master of Arts (M.A.) 
Information on applications, exams, Masters thesis and modules. Regulations, module form, curriculum, course list, Masters thesis and applications to download.

Teaching Degrees 
"Basic Sciences Sociology and Political Science" and optional subject "Politics and Economy " and optional subject General Science for Primary School

Minor Subject Regulations

Diplom (being phased out)
Information on reports, final examinations and registration deadlines. Registration forms and applications to download.

Magister (being phased out)
With the introduction of the BA Political Science in the winter semester 2007/08, registration for the Magister in Politology (Major) is no longer possible. Information on reports and examinations. Form and applications to download.

Study Programmes (being phased out)
Study programmes are a new form of focussed curriculum which were developed in collaboration with students in a pilot project starting in the winter semester 98/99. Study programmes combine the opportunity to work on social problem areas in a thematically flexible way with the commitment to a course made up of various complementary modules taught by various teaching staff over four semesters.


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