Informations for prospective students

Annoted University Calendar 

General Information on the Faculty

Course Guidance 
You can find various forms of advice here specific to your degree programme, for general questions on the course, study and examination regulations and the relevant requirements for the various degree programmes. 

Work Experience
Information on practical/work experience modules in the Faculty’s BA and MA degree programmes and information on work experience requirements for each degree programme. You can also find a work experience exchange forum here.

Programmes offered
Information on Diplom, Magister, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.), teaching degrees, minor subjects and study programmes. Information on reports, examinations, modules and registration deadlines. Registration forms and applications to download. 

Student Body
The students in the Faculty make up the student body. The student bodies represent the academic concerns of the students and their interests in terms of university politics, and work towards improvements in study conditions. The student body is dealing critically with the current restructuring of the University and especially of the Faculty. Meetings of the student body are open to all students in the Faculty who want to work for their interests and get in involved in university politics. 

Applying to Study
Here you can find all the information you need for your application, as long as you have the German university entrance certificate (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung). This applies both for applicants who are German citizens and to foreign and stateless applicants (Bildungsinländer – foreign nationals who gained qualifications at German schools). On the Applications and Admissions page, you can find an overview of the courses offered and the application process. Foreign students who do not have the "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" can find all the information they need for their application under “International Students”.

Information for Teachers
The following information may help teachers to counsel students on the choice of a university programme or career: - Degrees - Courses offered - Applications 

Orientation for School Pupils
As they come to the end of their school studies, all students have questions about how to cope with the challenges ahead of them. Together with other organisations both within and outside the university, the Central Student Advisory Service provides a wide range of orientation and advice services intended to support school pupils in weighing up their personal interests, inclinations and talents with information on courses offered, entrance requirements, and how the individual courses on their shortlist are structured.  

International Office
Here you can find information on all questions regarding studies, tips and help with accommodation, as well as support with problems. The International Office can also provide plenty of useful addresses for further assistance.

Students with Disabilities
Advice, information and support
- regarding accessibility
- for any necessary adaptations to examinations
- on opportunities for financial aid
- with applications to relevant sponsors
- in selecting individual assistance
- placement with suitable assistance services
- provision of contacts and possible living arrangements

Career Center
– Job Placements and Advice
- Full and part time vacancies Directions and site plan


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