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Goethe University Frankfurt is one of Germany’s largest universities with a broad set of social science disciplines. Most recently Goethe University Frankfurt has established a working group on Interdisciplinary Ageing Research (Interdisziplinäre Alternswissenschaft: IAW) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, based on an endowed professorship supported by the BHF-BANK Foundation. Head of this working group is Frank Oswald.  

The aim of this working group is to emphasize on interdisciplinary and multi-method research from a social science and “normal ageing” perspective. From a conceptual perspective, the work of this group emphasizes on risks and potentials of development in later life particularly with respect to processes of person-environment (p-e) exchange in terms of socio-physical as well as technical environments.

The working group has ongoing funded research on p-e issues, such as housing and activity in the urban neighbourhood as people age into very old age. Members of the working group have specific expertise in the fields of technology acceptance, out-of-home mobility and perceived housing, quality of life, and competence loss in later life (esp. vision loss). Moreover methodological expertise can be provided in the areas of probabilistic test theory and quantitative data analysis, as well as qualitative research methods and related ways of data analysis.



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