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Abteilung Sozialwissenschaften des Sports


Dr. phil. Gabriele Postuwka


Main areas of work and specialization

  • Teaching in the areas of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance, Choreography, Fitness Education, Aesthetic Education, Sport and Dance Pedagogy

  • Administration and organization

  • Representative of Foreign Student Exchange Programs like Erasmus



  • Studies at the University of Heidelberg, Fulbright Scholarship in the US, 1st and 2nd Degree of Teachers’ Examination, Master of Arts in Physical Education.

  • Assistant professor at different institutions: University of Stuttgart, College of Education Ludwigsburg, University of Frankfurt, University of Marburg.

  • Institute of Sport Sciences Goethe-University Frankfurt (since 2001)



  • Modern Dance and Dance Education (awarded with Karl Hofmann Dissertationspreis, 2nd place)


Specialization in Dance and Rhythmic Movement


  • Publication and presentation of papers on different topics of dance and dance education

  • Between 1986 and 1998 consistent performances with student dance groups

  • Developing and teaching of courses for further education in dance for different interest groups

  • Consultant in the area of dance for the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB)

  • Organization of workshops and further education projects in dance with experts

  • Contact person for dance projects like Tanzlabor21 Frankfurt


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