HICforFAIR Workshop

"Current Topics in Accelerator-, Astro- and Plasmaphysics"

Institute for Applied Physics (IAP)
J.W. Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
JUFA, St. Michael im Lungau, Austria, February 23rd to March 1st 2014


Monday February 24th 2014


C. Wiesner
Beam Chopping and Transport at FRANZ

A. Seibel
175 MHz RT CH-Cavity

C. Fix
Final Focus Rebuncher for FRANZ


M. Schwarz
Beam Dynamics in Terms of E-Field-Asymmetries for the FRANZ / MYRRHA CH-Rebuncher

C. Claessens
Multipole Analysis of Quadrupole Magnets and Beam Dynamics Simulations with Bender

V. Ivanova
Overview of GSI Ion Sources

R. Hollinger
Challenges for Future Ion Source Operation for FAIR

K. Schulte
Gabor Lens Design Studies


Tuesday February 25th 2014


J. Struckmeier
Stochastic Effects in Real and Simulated Charged Particle Beams

L. Groening
Acceleration of Intense, Flat Beams in a Periodic Lattice


M. Maier
Status of the Emittance Transfer Experiment EMTEX at GSI

U. Ratzinger
High Field Cavities for Ion Acceleration

M. Schütt
325 MHz Ladder RFQ

R. Tiede
HSI IH-DTL Acceptance Studies

H. Hähnel
Investigations on Possible Upgrades of the HSI MEBT Section

A. Fedjuschenko
Investigation of the Parameters of a Stripping Plasma for the FAIR Project


Wednesday February 26th 2014


R. Brodhage
Overview of the FAIR Proton Linac

R. Berezov
Status of the Proton Injector for FAIR

C. Ullmann
Simulationen der Extraktion und der Emittanz für den Protoneninjektor (FAIR)

M. Almalki
Layout of the BPM System for p-LINAC at FAIR and the Digital Methods for Beam Position and Phase Monitoring


J. Schmidt
Commissioning of the RFQ for the H- Source at FNAL

B. Koubek
Comparison of 325 MHz RFQ Resonant Structures

H. Podlech
RF Test of the FRANZ / MYRRHA Prototype

D. Koser
Buncher Cavities for the MYRRHA Injector

M. Basten
Superconducting 176-MHz CH-Structure for MAX


Thursday February 27th 2014


M. Iberler
Overview on LDS and its Applications

M. Kapun
Characterisation of the Discharge Phases of a Hollow Cathode Triggered LDS

B. Glaeser
Investigation of the Erosion of a Lorentz-Drift-Switch at High Currents

C. Hock
Development of a High Current Gas Discharge Switch for the FAIR-Magnetic Horn - A Status Report

A. Schönlein
Characteristic X-Rays as Diagnostics for Warm Dense Matter (WDM)


J. Dietrich
New Developments in High Energy Electron Cooling

X. Du
Design and Cold Test of IH-DTL for SSC-Linac Project

M. Busch
Progress of the sc 325MHz CH-Cavity

M. Amberg
The Fast Piezo-based Frequency Tuner for Superconducting CH-Cavities

F. Dziuba
Status of the Superconducting 217 MHz CH-Cavity for the cw Demonstrator at GSI


Friday February 28th 2014


R. von Hahn
The CSR - Close to Commissioning

J. Wagner
Status of the Figure Eight - Ring

R. Wasef
Space Charge Studies in the CERN Proton Synchrotron


G. Franchetti
Progress in Dynamic Aperture Theory

F. Kesting
Numerical Noise Induced by the 'Particle in Cell' Method

F. Chill
Current Status of the Cryosorption Measurement Setup and the Vacuum Simulation in StrahlSim




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