Lichtausbreitung in Glasfasern

Bild Glasfaser1


  • Worum geht's?
    The aim of this experiment is to get acquaint with the basic concepts of light propagation in optical fibers.
  • Wie wird's gemacht?
    The experiment consist of two parts. In the first one the experimental conditions are selected such that the fiber supports propagation of several modes which have to be observed with the camera. In the second part one has to investigate power splitting and loss in two types of fiber splitters/combiners.
  • Was wird gelernt?
    Students are supposed to understand the concept of optical modes, to learn the difference between single-mode and multimode fibers, to gain experience in dealing with fiber-optical components and lasers.
  • Wofür ist das interessant?
    Fiber optics is a fairly simple, and relatively old, technology. Despite this fact, it takes an important role in modern world. Besides the traditional use in data transmission, the application field of fiber optics have widely grown.  Now, they are used for sensing, imaging, spectroscopy, art, as the power supply lines in the difficult electronic environment and etc.


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