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Institutes & Work Groups



  Der Fachbereich Biowissenschaften setzt sich aus drei Instituten zusammen, die nach den Integretationsebenen der untersuchten Forschungsgegenstände gegliedert sind. (more)     Our institutes are build by 28 faculties, ... (more)




  Information about the curriculum to the bachelor, master and diploma in biological science are available only in german at the moment.(more)    

The Biologische Arbeitsbibliothek (BAB) is the library for the Department of Biosciences.The "Didaktik der Biowissenschaften" has its own library. The "Universtitätsbibliothek" (UB) is located at the main campus of the university at "Bockenheimer Warte". You can also search for books and order literature online.
Not to forget the "virtuelle Fachbibliothel Biologie" (vifabio). A spezial virtual library, ... (more)


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