Topics Reviews (2007-2010) Overview
  • Ritz T., Ahmad M., Mouritsen H., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2010):
    Receptor-based magnetoreception: optimal design of receptor molecules, cells, and neuronal processing.
    J. R. Soc. Interface 7, S135-S146.

  • Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2010):
    Avian magnetic compass: Its functional properties and physical basis.
    Curr. Zool. 56, 265-276.

  • Wiltschko R., Stapput K., Thalau P. & Wiltschko W. (2010):
    Directional orientation of birds by the magnetic field under different light conditions.
    J. R. Soc. Interface 7, S163-S177.

  • Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2009):
    Special Reviews in Ornithology: Avian Navigation.
    The Auk 126, 717-734.

  • Wiltschko W. & Wiltschko R. (2007):
    Conditioning to magnetic directions.
    NeuroReports 10, 949-950.

  • Wiltschko W. & Wiltschko R. (2007):
    Magnetoreception in birds: two receptors for two different tasks.
    J. Ornithol. 148, 61-76.


Pigeon Navigation (2007-2010) Overview
  • Schiffner I. & Wiltschko R. (2009):
    Point of decision: when do pigeons decide to head home?
    Naturwissenschaften 96, 251-258.

  • Wiltschko R., Schiffner I. & Wiltschko W. (2009):
    A strong magnetic anomaly affects pigeon navigation.
    J. Exp. Biol. 212, 2983-2990.

  • Wiltschko R., Schiffner I. & Siegmund B. (2007):
    Homing flights of pigeons over familiar terrain.
    Anim. Behav. 71, 1229-1240.

  • Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2007):
    When does bearing magnets affect the size of deflection in clock-shifted homing pigeons?
    Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. 61, 493-495.


Magnetoreception (2007-2010) Overview
  • Stapput K., Güntürkün O., Hoffman K.P., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2010):
    Magnetoreception of Directional Information in Birds Requires Nondegraded Vision.
    Curr. Biol. 20, 1259-1262.

  • Wiltschko w., Dehe L., Stapput K., Thalau P. & Wiltschko R. (2010):
    Magnetoreception in birds: no intesity window in "fixed direction" responses.
    Naturwissenschaften 97, 37-42.

  • Wilzeck C., Wiltschko w., Güntürkün O., Wiltschko R. & Prior H. (2010):
    Lateralization of magnetic comapss orientation in pigeons.
    J. R. Soc. Interface 7, S235-S240.

  • Wilzeck C., Wiltschko w., Güntürkün O., Buschmann J.U., Wiltschko R. & Prior H. (2010):
    Learning of magnetic compass directions in pigeons.
    Anim. Cogn. 13, 443-451.

  • Keary N., Ruploh T., Voss J., Thalau P., Wiltschko R., Wiltschko W. & Bischof H.J. (2009):
    Oscillating magnetic field disrupts magnetic orientation in Zebra finches, Taeniopygia guttata.
    Frontiers in Zoology 6, 25.

  • Ritz T., Wiltschko R., Hore P., Rodgers C. T., Stapput K., Timmel C. R., Thalau P. & Wiltschko W. (2009):
    Magnetic compass of birds is based on a molecule with optimal directional sensitivity.
    Biophys. J. 96, 3451-3457.

  • Wiltschko W., Munro U., Ford H. & Wiltschko R. (2009):
    Avian orientation: the pulse effect is mediated by the magnetic receptors in the upper beak.
    Proc. R. Soc. B 276, 2227-2232.

  • Freire R., Munro U., Rogers L.J., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Different responses in two strains of chickens (Gallus gallus) in a magnetic orientation test.
    Anim. Cogn. 11, 547-552.

  • Rogers L.J., Munro U., Freire R., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Lateralized response of chicks to magnetic cues.
    Behavioral Brain Research 186, 66-71.

  • Stapput K., Thalau P., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Magnetoreception: orientation of birds in total darkness.
    Curr. Biol. 18, 602-606.

  • Wiltschko R., Munro U., Ford H., Stapput K. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Light-dependent magnetoreception: orientation behaviour of migratory birds under dim red light.
    J. Exp. Biol. 211, 3344-3350.

  • Ahmad M., Galland P., Ritz T., Wiltschko R. & Wiltschko W. (2007):
    Magnetic intensity affects cryptochrome-dependent responses in Arabidoposis thaliana.
    Planta 225, 615-624.

  • Thalau P., Holtkamp-Rötzler E., Fleissner G. & Wiltschko W. (2007):
    Magnetic conditioning to locate food in homing pigeons (Columba livia f. domestica).
    Naturwissenschaften 94, 813-819.

  • Wiltschko R., Stapput K., Bischof H.J. & Wiltschko W. (2007):
    Light-dependent magnetoreception in birds: increasing intensity of monochromatic light changes the nature of the response.
    Frontiers in Zoology 4, 5.

  • Wiltschko R., Stapput K., Ritz T., Thalau P. & Wiltschko W. (2007):
    Magnetoreception in birds: Different physical processes for different types of directional responses.
    HFSP Journal 1, 41-48.

  • Wiltschko W., Ford H., Munro U., Winklhofer M. & Wiltschko R. (2007):
    Magnetite-based magnetoreception: the effect of repeated pulsing on the orientation of migratory birds.
    J. Comp. Physiol. A 193, 515-522.

  • Wiltschko W., Freire R., Munro U., Rogers L.J., Thalau P. & Wiltschko R. (2007):
    The magnetic compass of domestic chicken, Gallus gallus.
    J. Exp. Biol. 210, 2300-2310.


Bird Migration (2007-2010) Overview
  • Wiltschko R., Munro U., Ford H. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Contradictory results on the role of polarized light in compass calibration in migratory songbirds.
    J. Ornithol. 149, 607-614.

  • Wiltschko R., Munro U., Ford H. & Wiltschko W. (2008):
    Response to the comments by R. Muheim, S. Akesson and J.B. Phillips to our paper: Contradictory results on the role of polarized light in compass calibration in migratory songbirds.
    J. Ornithol. 149, 663-664.



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