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Kinematic Cell Research Group

The emphasis of our research is on the role of mitochondria in ageing and after applied stress (targeted irradiaton and elevated levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS)) in different cells models (HUVECs, chick embryonic cells, pigeon embryonic cells). Main foci are the mitochondrial membrane potential (including uncoupling agents), mitochondrial dynamics (fission and fusion, mobility of mitochondria and mitochondrial proteins) and the degradation of mitochondria by the autophagosomal/lysosomal pathway.

Further activities are related to functional interactions of cytoskeletal elements with an non-selective cation channel, TRPV4, which is a mean player in the regulatory volume decrease in cells exposed to hypotonic media.
Previous investigations on endocytosis and intracellular pathways of toxic lectins have been terminated.

Activities on cellular mechanics as revealed by acoustic microscopy are now extended towards the study of mechanical parameters of arteries and veins under load.


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