[ Research ]

The seven Divisions of the Institute investigate neuro- and cell biological research topics in animals as well as in animal and human cellular systems, reaching from bioinformatics to the Institute for Bee Research in Oberursel, which is run by the Polytechnische Gesellschaft together with the Department of Biological Sciences. Two of the Divisions are members of the Cluster of Excellence Macromolecular Complexes of the Goethe University.

Research topics range from cellular genetics and molecular neurobiology to physiology and pharmacology, including research in behavior in animals and humans. A main focus is on mechanisms of cell communication or their dysfunctions associated with tumor growth, on synaptic transmission, dendritic and synaptic development and the role of nucleotides in neural information processing.

Mechanisms of learning and their pharmacology are being investigated in insect model systems. This includes mechanisms of transduction of sensory stimuli into changes in membrane potential in sensory cells. Another focus is on bioacoustics and neurophysiological and cognitive mechanisms of sensory processing as well as their pathologies such as tinnitus.

  [ Teaching ]

All groups of the institute are involved in the Bachelor program “Biosciences”, in the various training programs for teachers and the Bachelor and Master's programs in bioinformatics. The institute is responsible for organizing the Master's programs Interdisciplinary Neuroscience and Cell Biology and Physiology.


[ Methods ]

Researches in the institute work with varying organisms and cell culture methods, including transgenic mice. A major focus is on developing new methods. For examples novel techniques are being designed in the field of optical biophysics and microscopy which are of key relevance for the investigation of cellular and developmental processes.


[ Cooperations ]

The Institute is involved in numerous international cooperations, including a partnership with the University of Havana. Members of the Institute organize “SiMento”, a mentoring program for female PhD students and postdocs in the State of Hesse.



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