Dr. Cornelius Abel

Former group member

Research project

Neuronal Encoding of Intrinsic Signals of the Inner Ear

Active mechanical amplification by sensory hair cells of the inner ear is an essential feature for sensitive perception of auditory signals. As a consequence of the nonlinear properties of this amplification process the waveform of acoustic stimuli is distorted pronouncedly and intrinsic cochlear sound signals are generated in the form of otoacoustic emissions .
Psychoacoustical investigations in humans show that intrinsic cochlear signals constitute an important part of the percept of multispectral stimuli. In my Ph.D project I want to investigate in an animal model how such byproducts of inner ear mechanics are resolved or filtered by neuronal processing stages in the forebrain.
By comparing responses from input stages of the auditory system with those in the auditory cortex, inferior colicullus and auditory thalamus, the specific neuronal processing of otoacoustic emissions will be defined.


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