A2: Spatially addressable quantum gases in optical lattices (Kuhr/Bloch)

Dr. Stefan Kuhr
Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz
Tel.: +49-6131-39-20202
Fax: +49-6131-39-25179
E-mail: kuhr(at)

Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch
Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz
Tel.: +49-6131-39-26234
Fax: +49-6131-39-25179
E-mail: bloch(at)

The aim of this project is to prepare and to study single one- and two-dimensional strongly correlated quantum systems in optical lattices in a new experiment. An essential feature is the possibility to spatially resolve and to address individual lattice sites with an ultrahigh resolution optical imaging system. We plan to implement spin-spin interactions using coherent collisions by spin-dependent lattice shifts. Building on such interactions, ultracold atoms in optical lattices can simulate the dynamics of strongly correlated quantum phases. We furthermore plan to implement novel optical lattice geometries, such as triangular lattices, to investigate frustrated quantum many-body lattice systems.

We will closely collaborate with the theory projects Hofstetter (A3), Fleischhauer/Eggert (A5) and Blümer (A6) working on fundamental questions directly related to this work. Direct connection to the experimental and theoretical work in frustrated triangular lattice based systems will be made with the projects of Jeschke/Valentí (B2), Lang (B6), and Wolf/Lang (B1) on organic conductors and magnetic insulators. The possibility to observe the real-time dynamics of the trapped quantum gases will find connections to the dynamical studies with femtosecond laser systems for real-material based systems in the group of Aeschlimann/Felser/Schönhense (B8) and the dynamical investigations of magnon systems in the group of Hillebrands/Serha (A7).


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